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Our Yellow House


Children who visit the CAC have endearingly referred to the restored Victorian Home and Center as “The Yellow House” which they describe as a place they want to return in spite of the reality of the situation bringing them there. We consider it a privilege and honor for kids to think of it as a second home and we invite you to take a closer look and see why it is a sacred space for our families.


  • Child Therapy Room This room is intentionally designed to appeal to younger children and provide space for individuals and groups. There are many different media utilized here, including play, puppetry, imaginary and dress-up play, sand tray therapy, art, music and movement along with traditional talk therapies. This is because we see each child as unique and needing his/her own window or entry into his/ her world.
  • Adolescent Therapy Room This room is tailored to older youth and teens. There is enough space to hold groups or family sessions and provides different activities which are appealing to teens. Groups for human trafficked and homeless teens are also accommodated here.
  • Child Oriented Forensic Interview Room In this space, which is colorful yet intentionally not over stimulating, children work with a specially trained child forensic interviewer to give details about a violent crime they have endured.
  • Teen Oriented Forensic Interview Room In this space, intentionally equipped with camera and acoustic enhancements along with a calm, soothing decor, teens are interviewed by a specially trained forensic interviewer about a violent crime they have endured.
  • Waiting Area The waiting area, which resembles a family living room, is a place where families rest while the forensic investigation is occurring or while children are attending routine therapy appointments. There is television, a separated reading/cell phone nook for teens and wifi access.
  • Porches What would a Southern CAC be without a porch? These spaces provide a separate place for families to rest and regroup as well as for children to play during their visit at the CAC. It may also serve as an outdoor meeting space on nice weather days.
  • Outside Play Area Thanks to volunteers from around the community, children have a secure area for outdoor play and another option where they may meet with their therapist.
  • Parking (additional parking across the street) There is limited but available parking in the lot behind the house and on the street. Thanks to St. Agnes Church, across the street, there is parking available for families and partners for overflow.
  • Lobby/Entryway Our lobby and entryway welcomes families with snacks and drinks along with pamphlets and resources available to them. There are often giveaways for kids provided by local donors.



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the annex


BRCAC recently purchased a separate building just two doors down from our current house we are currently referring to as our “Therapy Annex.”  Like the name implies, it will house and provide space for an expanded trauma –specific therapy services, including play therapy, individual, group and family therapy.  This separate and private space became necessary as the demand for therapy services increased but also to allow a separation of healing and recovery services from services that occur at intake and focus on abuse investigation.  We currently are utilizing one waiting room to receive all of our children and families whether they are be encountered during the crisis aftermath or for a routine therapy appointment.  This includes large groups who appear for one of our six therapy groups each week.  With the new annex, therapy clients will be interacting with CAC staff rather than witnessing investigators coming in and out of the waiting room(Sheriff, Police, District Attorneys, Coroner’s Office, OLOL Children’s Hospital, and DCFS).  The new space will allow us opportunities to provide therapeutic classes like yoga and martial arts for survivors and in-service trainings for our staff.  

The other important area of expansion- that moving the therapy services to the newly purchased building will accommodate -is the addition of a forensic medical exam room.  In many CACs, there is a medical exam room so that unless there is an immediate or emergency need, the child can be examined at the same location where he/she is being forensically interviewed.  This makes it less traumatic for the child and actually helps the investigation to be better coordinated. 


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