FREE Teen Internet Safety Class on December 16th at 6pm

CATEGORY: Caregivers, Events, Prevention Education | DATE: November 24, 2021

Internet use continues to increase, as does online abuse.  This is why it’s so important that we teach our children the personal & online safety skills needed to navigate this ever increasing virtual world, so please join us for this free opportunity to learn how to Speak Up Be Safe while Online.

Know the FACTS:
– 92% of all teens in the U.S. report using the internet daily;                                  – The number of online predators & have significantly increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis (by more than 100,000);
– 1 out of 5 teens are solicited sexually while using the internet (gender doesn’t matter);
– 72% of teens ‘friend’ strangers on social media;
– 8 out of 10 teens admit giving out personal information to strangers online;
– 1 in 5 girls are cyberbullied;
– 1 in 10 boys are cyberbullied;
– Strangers solicit & groom teens through chat rooms & multi-player online games than all other resources combined.

Enrolling your teen (6th – 12th grade) in this fun & engaging online class will educate them on how to recognize unsafe online situations, what steps should be followed if ever confronted with an unsafe online situation, and how to report it.

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