Sid Bowden

CATEGORY: | DATE: December 15, 2021

Sid Bowden, Jr. born and raised in Baton Rouge. Married my college sweetheart, Bethany and raised our 3 kids here as well. He graduated from Mercer University in 1994 with a B.S. in Business. Most of his career was spent running Holiday Hallmark Card Shops. Seven locations in total allowed him the opportunity to put the Business degree to work. It was more than maintaining budgets, forecasting sales and writing business plans. The best part of his  role was in building relationships. Over decades he had the privilege of creating relationships with our loyal staff and our wonderful customers. Additionally he spent 17 years as a volunteer coach in tee ball, softball, baseball, basketball, track and cross country. It was thrilling to take a child who did not believe in themself and watch the light turn on. Coaching was very fulfilling. He has a real passion for helping kids which is why he was so excited about this opportunity. While he may not be working with any of the children directly, his position as CFO will allow him a chance to help the incredible professionals here make a significant difference for these children. It is too early to say what his favorite part of working here is, but he is excited each day to learn more about BRCAC and figuring out how I can make a difference.

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