Maria-Elena Allgood, LCSW

CATEGORY: | DATE: July 10, 2021

Maria Elena Allgood is currently a licensed clinical social worker. She received her master’s degree from Louisiana State University, as a Behavioral Health Workforce Education & Training (BHWET) Scholar.

While working on her master’s degree, Maria Elena gained valuable experience interning at Heritage Ranch and then at LSU Mental Health Services (MHS). She also served as president of LSU’s Social Work Student Association (SWSA) and worked with professors and student colleagues on multiple projects. All of this helped kindle her passion for helping others.

During her time at Heritage Ranch, Maria Elena developed vital skills, and she enjoyed rewarding opportunities to serve, while working with adolescents and families who were in crisis. Maria Elena particularly enjoyed caring for this population, as she has always enjoyed helping children and their families. She participated in behavioral and therapeutic interventions using evidence-based techniques. Maria Elena also served as a supportive member of an interdisciplinary team and frequently provided assistance in an academic environment.

Additionally, Maria Elena enjoyed participating with the interdisciplinary team at LSU MHS. At LSU’s Mental Health Services unit, Maria Elena provided individual and group therapy services to University students, whose ages ranged from 17-30 years old. She also provided therapy services as a member of the multi-disciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment Team (EDTT).

A Baton Rouge native, Maria Elena is passionate about serving the community and facilitating healing processes among its youth. Moreover, she believes in helping others through a strength-based approach, encouraging them to build on their strengths while striving to improve their mental health, emotional health, behavioral health, sense of empowerment, and overall wellness.

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