Amburee Edwards

CATEGORY: | DATE: November 24, 2020

Amburee Edwards was born and raised in Texas.

BA Psychology from Guilford College with concentrations in criminal justice and African and African American Studies.  While at Guilford, she spent the majority of the time volunteering with the Guilford College Branch of the Bonner Scholars Program – a service-based merit scholarship program working with families experiencing houseless-ness and immigrant and refugee families, and minor mothers.

Amburee was employed for three years with the Department of Children and Family Services as a Child Welfare Specialist working in Child Protection. Trained in The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) Forensic Interview Protocol.

While working for the Department, Amburee was able to work closely with the CAC and admired the focus and goals of the agency. Seeing the interviewers able to gain the trust of children and develop an environment allowing investigators to get useful information in a trauma informed way changed Amburee’s thought process on speaking with alleged child victims.

Amburee’s favorite part of working at the BRCAC is being able to give a child the opportunity to speak in a manner that they are not used to.

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