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CATEGORY: Events | DATE: July 26, 2021

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September 23rd-25th, 27th-28th, 2021

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This evidence-based, transformational training gives you the science and tools you need to make mind-body medicine an integral, foundational part of your practice and your life. It is the first step in becoming certified by one of the world’s premier programs in comprehensive self-care and group support.

Participants will attend lectures on the latest research in mind-body medicine and experience CMBM’s pioneering Mind-Body Skills Groups. In these groups, you will practice a variety of techniques to reduce stress and enhance self-awareness, to mobilize your imagination and intuition, and to develop your capacity for self-care. You will, as well, share what they have learned with and learn from one another.

With This Program, You Will…

TRANSFORM your practice in a 5-day intensive training.

LEARN the science and techniques of mind-body medicine and integrate what you learn into every aspect of your practice – and your life.

EXPERIENCE the depth and power of our unique Mind-Body Skills Groups (MBSGs) approach.

EXPLORE the most effective tools for self-care and stress management, including:

  • Meditation
  • Biofeedback
  • Breathing & Movement
  • Mindful Eating
  • Guided Imagery
  • Art & Music
  • Autogenic Training
  • Genograms

About CMBM:

For more than 28 years, CMBM has taught this program to more than 7,000 professionals – clinicians, educators, community leaders, and peer counselors. Over that time, CMBM has developed what is likely the world’s largest, most effective program for healing population-wide stress and trauma. CMBM’s work in the Balkans, Israel, Gaza, Haiti, and with Syrian refugees, US veterans, and New York City Firefighters post 9/11, and in troubled American communities has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and USA Today, and on CBS 60 Minutes.

Program Faculty:

This training is led by CMBM Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, Clinical Director, Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP, and BRCAC CEO and Baton Rouge Clinical Lead, Toni Bankston, LCSW, BACS.

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Read What Past Attendees Had To Say:

This has been so transformative. I’m so grateful to take this work to my organization – we promote mental wellness for minority women. I’ve been to so many trainings around the world and nothing compares to this.
Nonprofit Leader

I really enjoyed this. I train new social workers, preparing them for child welfare, to help them work more empathetically with the families they work for. I came into this expecting to gain more information to take back to the community which I am going to do, but I didn’t expect to gain so much personally and gain clarity on some things in my life that will help me be a better helping professional. It was helpful to hear in my small group that we’re not the only ones going through things and not the only ones helping other people get through their traumas. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Training. These techniques are so simple and dynamic and impactful. You would not believe how life-changing breathing can be!
Social Worker at Southern University

I work with foster children and foster parents with the National Youth Advocate program. It all fell into place.… We can make a difference in Baton Rouge; we can help our community and I can help foster children and parents with this program. It was great to hear all the Mind-Body staff and their presentations from different walks of life and cultures – it was like they’re all catalysts and advocates for change in their own way. It was insightful and I’m looking forward to the Advanced training to use the skills and also heal myself because if I take care of myself then I’ll be better in my community.
Youth Advocate, The National Youth Advocate Program Of Louisiana

This is something that is so impactful. I was looking for something specifically to teach people self-care as a therapist. I can’t fit everyone on my couch. I don’t have the time or room. There has to be something that they can take and they can use so they don’t always have to sit on my couch because other people need to have the space. I will send additional staff to the next training. I am also in charge of trainings at the State agency – the LA Youth Challenge Program – I will send 15-20 people from there to the next training.
– T
herapist, Baton Rouge, LA

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