Darkness to Light Child Abuse Prevention Training on April 11th @ 6pm-8pm

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According to national estimates, one in 10 children will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday.

Let’s put an end to this statistic together! 

Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children is the sexual abuse prevention training program that helps to this by educating adults on how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  The program believes and teaches that child safety is an adult’s job, and for every 1 adult that takes this class … 10 children are safer from child sexual abuse!

Last year, over 850 adults in the Baton Rouge area were trained in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children program.

Stewards of Children is a two-hour program designed to train adults on specific, concrete actions they can take to protect children in their community from abuse. For every one adult that takes this free training, it is estimated that 10 children are safer and less likely to become victims of sexual abuse.

Each class is taught by an abuse prevention expert from the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of child abuse in our communities.

For more information visit batonrougecac.org.

To Register for the Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children program,   please click here to register.


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